18 December - 7 January 2013

University Concert Hall, Limerick


Fairy Twinkerbell: Twink

Cinderella: Leanne Moore

Prince Charming: George McMahon

Buttons: Richie Hayest

Dustin: Dustin the Turkey

Tulisa: Myles Breen

Nicole: Richard Lynch

Boris: Adam Lawlor

Dandini: Michael Kiersey


by by Karl Harpur

Director: Karl Harpur

Lighting Designer: Brian Kelly

Music Director: Peter Sheridan

Sound Designer: Terry Heron, Barry Comer

Choreographer: Belinda Murphy

Costume Supervisor: Jeni Roddy

Production Manager: Crispin Hayek

Company Stage Manager: Aine Flanagan

Deputy Stage Manager: Rebecca Maltby

Chaperone: Phil Dempsey

Stage crew: Paul Boland, Pius McGrath

Producer: Robert C Kelly

Leanne Moore, Twink

Myles Breen, Richard Lynch, Richie Hayes

Leanne Moore, Michael Kiersey, George McMahon

Miles Breen, Adam Lawlor, Richard Lynch

George McMahon, Leanne Moore

Richie Hayes, Leanne Moore

Richie Hayes, Leanne Moore, Miles Breen, Richard Lynch

Dustin the Turkey


Richard Lynch, George McMahon and villagers...

Photographs by Dolf Patijn