7 - 25 April 2008

Union Theatre


Chick: Jayne Ashley

Lenny: Marjorie Lopez Tibbs

Meg: Trudi Jackson

Babe: Gemma Sutton

Doc: Gus Gallagher

Barnette: Leon Williams

Crimes of the Heart

by Beth Henley

Director: Paul Foster

Set Design: George Nuttall and Simon Anthony Wells

Costume Design: Gwenda Evans

Lighting Design: Richard Howell

Sound Design and Stage Manager: Rebecca Maltby

Gemma Sutton, Marjorie Lopez-Tibbs, Trudi Jackson

Gus Gallagher and Trudi Jackson

Trudi Jackson and Leon Williams

Marjorie Lopez-Tibbs, Jayne Ashley

Gemma Sutton

Gus Gallagher

Marjorie Lopez-Tibbs

Trudi Jackson and Gemma Sutton

Gemma Sutton and Leon Williams

Photographs by Rebecca Maltby