13 March - 24 May 2014

The Old Vic Theatre


Brooke Wyeth: Martha Plimpton

Polly Wyeth: Sinéad Cusack

Lyman Wyeth: Peter Egan

Trip Wyeth: Daniel Lapaine

Silda Grauman: Clare Higgins


Brooke: Suzie Riddell

Polly / Silda: Pippa Winslow

Lyman: Peter Cadden

Trip: Danny Mahoney

Other Desert Cities

by Jon Robin Baitz

Director: Lindsay Posner

Designer: Robert Innes Hopkins

Lighting Designer: Peter Mumford

Music: Michael Bruce

Sound Designer: Christopher Shutt

Company Stage Manager: Graham Michael

Deputy Stage Manager: Rebecca Maltby

Assistant Stage Manager: Oliver Bagwell Purefoy

Assistant Director: Lisa Blair

Costume Supervisor: Sian Harris

Prop Supervisor: Chris Marcus, Jonathan Hall

Wardrobe: Fiona Lehman, Louise Askins

Hair and Make-up: Tina

Electricians: Doug Currie, Miriam Spencer, Keith Hayes

Stage: Tom Humphrey, Steve Grant, James Boston

Production Manager: Dominic Fraser

Assistant Producer: Simon Fliegner

Production Administrator: Lydia Scott

General Manager: Tara Wilkinson

Producer: John Richardson

Sinéad Cusack

Clare Higgins

Martha Plimpton

Peter Egan

Daniel Lapaine

Martha Plimpton and Clare Higgins

Photographs by Johan Persson