12 March - 10 April 2010

Royal Court Liverpool


Nana: Sheila Reid

Janice: Pauline Fleming

Ronnie: Michael Starke

Steven: Chris Crookall

Lisa: Rachel Rae

Mick: Mike Neary

Shane: Kris Mochrie

Lucky Numbers

by Mike Yeaman

Director: Ken Alexander

Designer: Mark Walters

Lighting Designer: Ian Scott

Sound Designer: Kate Harvey

Fight Director: Raymond Short

Production Manager: David Gordon

Stage Manager: Ben Cowper

Deputy Stage Manager: Rebecca Maltby

Costume Supervisor: Marie Jones

Producer: Kevin Fearon

Sheila Reid,Pauline Fleming, Mickey Starke and Chris Crookall

Sheila Reid and Pauline Fleming

Rachel Rae

Pauline Fleming, Mickey Starke, Chris Crookall and Sheila Reid

Mickey Starke and Rachel Rae

Pauline Fleming and Mike Neary

Sheila Reid and Kris Mochrie

Final curtain call

Photographs by Rebecca Maltby